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This is the first page of our two page guide to Avios zones. It explains in some detail how the Avios zones chart works in conjunction with points, cash and peak/off peak times.

If this is your first look, it can be a bit of a learning curve.

There are four questions that you need to answer when looking to spend your Avios on flights

1) What zone is your intended destination in?
2) When are the peak and off peak times?
3) How many Avios will it cost to fly to your destination at a certain date?
4) How much will you be charged in cash on top of your Avios?

Avios Zones

The Avios Zones Destinations and Fee Summary

Table 1 shows the world split into 9 zones. Within these zones are the destinations you can fly to using Avios.

A very important point of Table 1 is that the Avios zones 1, 2 and 3 are subject to a fixed cash fee on top of your Avios.

This cash charge is called the ‘Reward Flight Saver‘. It is currently £35 for return flights.

Zones 4 to 9 are not subject to this particular fee, but you will pay for airline taxes, fees and charges in cash. It is not fixed and it is calculated at the time of booking.

Tip – you can start the booking procedure at the Avios website to get an idea of potential charges, without committing to actually buying.

In short – When you spend your Avios on flights, you also pay a cash amount. In zones 1 to 3 this is a set charge, in zones 4 to 9 it’s a variable charge.

Table 1: The Avios Zones and Destinations

The Avios ZonesDestinations
Avios Zone 1Aberdeen, Amsterdam, Basle, Berlin, Bordeaux, Brussels, Copenhagen, Düsseldorf, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Geneva, Genoa, Glasgow, Hamburg, Innsbruck, Jersey, Lyon, Manchester, Marseilles, Milan, Munich, Newcastle, Nice, Paris, Prague, Salzburg, Stuttgart, Toulouse, Turin and Zurich.
Avios Zone 2Algiers, Barcelona, Bari, Belgrade, Bologna, Budapest, Cagliari, Dubrovnik, Faro, Gibraltar, Helsinki, Ibiza, Lisbon, Madrid, Malaga, Naples, Oslo, Pisa, Rome, Stockholm, Tunis, Venice, Verona, Vienna and Warsaw.
Avios Zone 3Athens, Bucharest, Catania, Istanbul, Izmir, Kiev, Larnaca, Marrakech, Moscow, Paphos, Pristina, Sofia, St Petersburg, Thessaloniki and Tirana.
Avios Zone 4Cairo, Kuwait and Tel Aviv.
Avios Zone 5Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Baltimore, Bermuda, Boston, Chicago, Doha, Dubai, Montreal, Muscat, New York, Philadelphia, Toronto and Washington.
Avios Zone 6Antigua, Atlanta, Barbados, Beijing, Bangalore, Calgary, Cape Town, Chennai, Dallas, Dar Es Salaam, Delhi, Denver, Entebbe, Grand Cayman, Grenada, Houston, Hyderabad, Johannesburg, Kingston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Lusaka, Mexico City, Miami, Montego Bay, Mumbai, Nairobi, Nassau, Orlando, Phoenix, Providenciales, Punta Cana, San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle.
Avios Zone 7Bangkok, Hong Kong, Mauritius, Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Shanghai and Tokyo.
Avios Zone 8Buenos Aires and Singapore.
Avios Zone 9Sydney
The second part of our guide shows you the amount of Avios it costs to travel to each destination. It also shows the peak and off peak times to travel.

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