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We’re an independent website that provides information, tips, guides about Avios. Avios is a currency unit that you collect. You can then spend Avios on flights, days out and much more. We will show you how to collect Avios, as well as how to spend them. We will also try to explain some of the lingo as it can appear a little complicated to begin with.

Avios UK helps answer many questions about Avios, and also gives other relevant and up-to-date information. We also offer advice and tips on how to collect and use your Avios points effectively.

What are Avios?

Back in November 2011, the British Airways Airmiles program was completely overhauled, resulting in a new loyalty scheme and a new currency unit – the ‘Avios’. Under this scheme, you sign up to collect Avios. Once you have collected enough, you then redeem your Avios. This can be on reduced price flights, but as you will see, there is much you can spend your Avios on.

There were many changes to the original Airmiles loyalty scheme when it switched to Avios. Airmiles has been totally retired now. This page tell a bit more of the history of Avios and the change from Airmiles.

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Our User Guides

We have three main guides. One of this about how to collect Avios, and one on where you can spend them. There’s another explaining the Avios Zones. The collecting Avios page gives you lots of information about how, and where, you can collect Avios points. The zones page includes real world examples of how many Avios Points and cash you might pay for a journey. And the spend Avios page tells you all the many ways to use your Avios.